Limecrime Alternatives


Here is a list of colorful lipstick alternatives so I never have to hear the excuse “but they’re the only colored lipstick on the market” ever fucking again. Also they aren’t the only ones doing matte liquid lipstick but like if that makes you feel better fine just don’t talk to me about them ever. You cannot justify them, research doesn’t shrug off history. Limecrime weren’t the first in the weird lipstick game, they won’t be the last, they aren’t the best, they aren’t the most affordable, they aren’t the most accessible. Here are things I have and love. BUY THESE INSTEAD. 

  1. Portland Black Lipstick Company - cheaper and better formulations to boot.  Swatches.
  2. OCC - more colors and more accessible. Swatches
  3. KAOIR - more colors and a nice formulation
  4. Morgana’s Crypt - I love them, have a bunch. SUPER UNIQUE and also affordable
  5. Geek Chic Cosmetics - Super affordable, fandom based, good products
  6. NYX - cheaper and more colors 
  7. FierceMagenta - etsy seller, just look at the swatches, try not 2 die
  8. INGLOT - i love their blues 
  9. Make Up For Ever - more accessible 
  10. Melt Cosmetics - Probably my obsession right now, so beautiful, so many nice colors, high quality 
  11. The Lip Bar 
  12. Impulse Cosmetics 
  13. Pretty Zombie Cosmetics
  14. Limnit Lipsticks 
  15. Little Sparrow Cosmetics - Funky lip colors and blushes. I have a few of the blushes and they’re super pigmented and amazing. (Lauren)
  16. Shiro Cosmetics - You can choose any of their lip safe eyeshadows and have them made into lip gloss with an option of sheer, moderate, or opaque opacity. You can also have custom made gloss. Lots of swatches and reviews here.
  17. Fyrinnae - Their lip lustres come in unique colors, the formula is supposedly similar to NYX matte lip cremes. 
  18. Maybelline - The Color Sensational Vivids line has super bright, pigmented lipsticks and they’re a drugstore brand - inexpensive and easy to find. 

There. HAVE FUN. And if you have any to add feel free to let me know. There are PLENTY of etsy sellers on the market but etsy is also a scary place full of wholesalers and resellers so I am only recommending places I have thoroughly vetted myself.